The BD-5 is a high performance single-place, low-wing, pusher-configuration sport plane.  Design features include all-metal construction, mechanical retractable landing gear among the industry finest, detachable wings, and wrist action side stick control as in modern day fighter aircraft.  Originally developed in the early 1970's the aircraft was designed to day VFR Requirements for use in sport and recreational flying, including limited aerobatic capability.




It is the focus of BD-Micro Technologies, Inc. to promote Safety, Performance and Reliability with the BD-5 aircraft. To that end, we have devoted extensive resources to developing products and tailoring services to meet this objective. A direct result of this effort was the introduction of our FLIGHTLINE Series (FLS) Enhanced BD-5 Kits. For the first time ever, a complete and up-to-date BD-5 kit became available. In the process of developing our FLS kits, we have addressed many issues with the original BD-5 materials kits.

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